Detox Weight Loss Dieting

Detox Diet in a Nutshell

Healthy eating habits are always a good idea. But what about a weight loss detox diet? And does this help you lose weight any quicker? It can kick start your body by cleaning itself out. However, in the rat race of life, most people struggle to stick to any healthy eating regimen. We cannot avoid packaged foods, fast foods and ready to cook foods. That is exactly what detox weight loss tries to achieve.

The heart of detox dieting deals in getting rid of all kinds of toxins from the body. Toxins can be described as the harmful chemicals that are used in food items to preserve them, artificial flavor and various other synthetic ingredients that are widely used in almost all types of food we buy off the shelves. Detox weight loss focuses on healthy eating of raw foods and reliance on fruits.

Detox Diet

Detox dieting is about removing what is harmful and adding in what is beneficial into your body.

There are quite a few types of detox diets but three of them have gained massive popularity, partly because of their endorsements by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles. These three types of detox dieting are the Master Cleanse, Hallelujah Diet and Fat Flush Diet. The latter two often blend in with what is known as the Fruit Flush Diet. Master Cleanse resembles fasting or starving. It requires people to opt for lemonades and maple syrup and similar juices throughout the day. No proper meals are recommended in this type of detox weight loss. Hallelujah Diet requires that you consume more than 85% of their daily meals in the form of raw food which could be fruits or juiced vegetables. A maximum of 15% of the daily meals can be actually cooked food and this must be the last meal of the day. Typically, breakfasts are skipped and only juices are recommended in this healthy eating regimen. The Fat Flush Diet is aimed at reducing weight. It restricts the calorie count every day. Reliance on fruits and vegetables in the raw form are the only food items that are recommended in this type of detox diet for weight loss.

Detox Cleanse

The healthiest ways to cleanse the body is a good detox.

Healthy eating has an objective of maintaining a fit and fine body along with a healthy immune system and bodily organs. Detox dieting is a method to cleanse the body of all artificial and chemical compounds that we consume day in and out. The benefits of this can be weight loss, improved colon health and immune system, better functioning of bodily organs and better prevention from diseases and various health ailments. The side effects of healthy eating such as detox dieting can be loss of energy in the initial stages, feeling of uneasiness due to the cleansing process and some other mild irritations.
There are several weight loss detox diets and all function in the same way. What is most important is to pick one that you can follow. It is suggested though that you always seek the advice of a physician before you begin any kind of diet. This is particularly important in the event that a person is sick or has health conditions or perhaps is pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Happy detoxifying!